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Jason is a prolific songwriter creating new music constantly. When not recording his own music he is the owner, operator of Studio C in Jingletown, Oakland where he works in artist development bringing artist's ideas from introduction through to their final production. Jason enjoys mentoring and working with new artists and has over 30 years of performance and recording experience to share. Jason offers a limited number of music production incubator relationships in which he works with individuals and bands throughout the entire writing, recording and performance process - inquire regarding availability. Studio C is a full service recording and rehearsal studio and has everything to service your production needs.

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Below is a playlist featuring samples of some of the many unreleased songs currently in consideration for future albums. All songs were written, recorded and mixed by Jason Cropper at Studio C. 

The unreleased, self-titled 2000 EP by Fliptop, a short-lived band consisting of Jason Cropper, Dallan Baumgarten, Scott Shiflett, and Josh Freese. Five songs were recorded, but the fifth ("Time Warp Love Song") is not currently known to be in circulation. 

1. "Wake the Neighbors"
2. "Where Did These Kids Go?"
3. "Baggy Shorts"
4. "One Good Chance"
5. "Time Warp Love Song" (not circulating)



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