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Jason Cropper was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. In his late teens, he moved to Los Angeles to join the band Weezer. As the band’s original guitarist, he contributed to their first album, The Blue Album, recorded in 1993. Cropper is credited with co-writing the song My Name is Jonas on this Album. After discovering his girlfriend was pregnant, Cropper left Weezer to focus his attention on raising a family. 

His love of making music continued and in 1995 he released a single Free Lunch with his band Chopper One, followed by the album Now Playing. Cropper was involved in various music projects in the late ’90s and early 2000. Cropper sang the theme song for the 2002–2003 American sitcom, Andy Richter Controls the Universe.

Today, in 2020, Jason is scheduled to release a series of singles that he’s spent the past several years writing and producing. His first signal Goodness Knows will drop mid-July followed shortly by his next single Perfect Dream in late August.

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Santa Cruz! Jason Cropper Band will be at Moes Alley Wednesday 10/25 along with Whiskerman and Cigarbox Man! Psychedelic Rock on Steroids



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